Hotels, Resorts & Leisure Buildings in Saudi Arabia

Hotels and resorts:

A hotel can be defined as a commercial establishment that offers lodging, meals, and other hospitality services to the public. According to the Business Dictionary, a hotel must have at least six bedrooms for rent. And there must be at least three bedrooms. At least three of them must have attached private bathroom facilities (with an en-suite bathroom).” Hotels are associated with the hospitality sector that provides accommodation, leisure and business facilities as well as customer services. Hotels are considered specialized properties due to their monopolistic characteristics and are usually categorized by their location, customer quality, and facilities offered.

A resort (or tourist village) is a place where people go for vacations, relaxation, entertainment, and specific purposes, and contains food and entertainment and is usually built in attractive and natural areas. Resorts can be categorized into tourist resorts (beach, rural, mountain, desert). health resorts. hotel resorts. Tour resorts ….

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage has categorized tourist accommodation into 9 categories:

– Hotels: They range from one to five stars

– Furnished residential units: Its classification ranges from Class IV to Class I

– Hotel villas: They range from one to five stars

– Resorts: They range from one to five stars

– Roadside hotels (motels): Their rating ranges from one to three stars

– Tourist hostels: Its classification ranges from Class IV to Class I

– Hotel apartments: They range from one to five stars

– Eco-tourism camps

– Agricultural Hostels

– Heritage Hotel Villas: Their categorization ranges from one to five buckets

– Heritage hotels: Their categorization ranges from one to five buckets

In 1436 Hijri, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) approved the classification criteria for heritage hotels and inns, which are in accordance with the latest architectural and engineering standards and regulations followed globally. It is the vessel used to prepare and serve Arabic coffee and symbolizes Saudi, Gulf and Arabic folklore.)

Luxury buildings:

Leisure buildings are tourist attractions that seek to provide a leisure atmosphere for customers through architectural design, landscaping, entertainment programs, shows, food services, merchandise marketing, and other services.

Tourist attractions are located within a natural environment (beaches, caves forests), buildings, structures, and artificial sites that are designed to attract visitors and meet the needs of guests. Here are the main features that characterize luxury buildings:

– Entry is a one-time payment.

– Cities with unique man-made designs.

– Requires high capital investment.

Classification of hotels:

Hotels can be categorized according to several criteria, such as size, location, target markets, service levels, facilities, and stars.

Categorize by hotel size (or number of rooms):

– A small hostel: Less than 200 rooms

– A medium-sized inn: 200 to 300 rooms

– A large-sized inn: 400 to 700 rooms

– Mega Inn: More than 700 rooms

Categorize by target markets:

– Airport Hotels: Usually aimed at business customers and airline passengers or any guests from canceled or delayed flights.

– Business Hotels: We primarily cater to the needs of guests traveling on business and are divided into: luxury hotels. Medium hotels. And cheap hotels.

-Hotel Apartments: Provides long-term accommodation for guests. All basic amenities such as a kitchen, washing machine, and beds are provided with cleaning service.

– Resorts: It targets high-income professionals who want to spend time away from the city and noise. It offers facilities such as swimming. Tennis court and fitness ….

Categorized by stars:

Hotels are usually rated using a “star” rating by an accredited body. The star rating reflects the facilities and services within the hotel. Therefore, so This rating is usually associated with the quality of the hotel. The higher the star rating. The hotel’s reputation was better within the hospitality industry. The following are elements that must be evaluated before any star rating is approved by the relevant licensing authorities:

– The physical condition of the building.

– The quality of the hotel’s design (architectural design construction technology. etc.)

– The number of guest rooms and the size of the public areas.

– Fixtures, fittings, finishes and furnishings.

– The type and quality of facilities and amenities available at the hotel.

– In-room amenities (audio-visual devices) Tea/coffee making equipment hot water. Bathtub. etc.)

– Event facilities (meeting/event rooms) Ballrooms/Events business center)

– Recreational facilities (swimming pool, tennis courts. golf course, etc.).

– Food and beverages (restaurants, bars, lounges catering events).

– Payment options (credit/debit cards and group booking arrangements).

– Services (tourism services Event planning services. etc.)

– Quality of services (room services, Room-to-staff ratio).

– Quality of F&B services (timeliness of services, Room delivery requests. etc.)

In addition to the star rating. These standards determine the price structure (room rates) of a hotel. However, the Hotel operators tend to adjust room charges depending on the competition with other hotels in the same area. The category of a hotel can be determined by the price structure as well as the star rating. In Saudi Arabia, hotels are categorized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH): A general classification and a special classification for hotels in Makkah and Madinah. The latter classification is based on facilities and services in addition to proximity to the holy places. The elements of the hotel guest service quality rating requirements include the following service elements:

– Hotel website

– Overseas dialing service

– Phone reservations

– Parking Service

– Reception

– Business Center

– Cafe

– The restaurant

– Health Club

Hotels, Resorts & Leisure Buildings in Saudi Arabia

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