Expert advice on the best way to price your home for sale

How to price your home for sale

Most people who want to sell their home wonder how best to price it. At what price should you list your home for sale to attract serious buyers quickly? It’s important to think about how people search for homes these days. Let’s say you price it at SAR 299K. Okay. This house will show up in Google search when someone makes its top price 300k SAR. But you will lose buyers who enter looking for homes ranging from SAR 300,000 to SAR 350,000. Therefore, so Although it’s an old sales trick to price things at “99”. It may attract more qualified buyers to go with the 300k SAR even.

Digital tips to price your home for sale

If you’re not pricing your home correctly using one of the big round numbers like 200 or 250. There are some number “tricks” you might want to use. It may be best to price your home for sale. For example. at 324K or 327K instead of just 325K. Why? Okay. Any gambler will tell you that there’s something special about odd numbers. Who knows? Maybe they’re right.

Also. If you price your home with an odd number. something very specific like 324700 SAR. Potential buyers are likely to stop and think about how to come up with that very specific price. First. Just getting them to stop and think about your ad is a step in the right direction. The most likely thing they will conclude is that you have done your homework and have a pretty good idea of the exact value of your home. This makes them think they won’t overpay. And that they can buy the house for its real price or less. Using a specific odd number can be a big help when it comes time to negotiate.

A different way to price your home

Car salespeople never talk about the price of the car – they only talk about the monthly payments. Isn’t it? They do this to make the car look more expensive to buyers. You can do the same to attract potential buyers to your home. Instead of listing the selling price of the home. Advertise it with something like “You can buy this house for only 1700 SAR per month”. Many potential home buyers – just like car buyers – may be put off by seeing the total price. But if you put it to them on monthly payment terms. They may instead think, “Hey, hey, hey, hey. I can handle it.” In addition. Listing your home in this way makes your ad stand out from the crowd as something different. So it may attract more attention. Having more people looking at your ad means a higher likelihood of finding an eager and quick buyer.

Three more tips for advertising your home

Here’s a good question: If you’re selling your home for 350,000 SAR. So what’s the best way to write that number in your ad? Is it 350000 Saudi Riyals. 350,000.00 SAR. Or just 350000? Okay. Suddenly. Research already shows that 350000 grammatically incorrect for some reason works better. Maybe people just don’t like commas.

On the other hand. If you are lowering the original asking price of your home. You want to write the reduction using the largest possible number. Like 5000.00 SAR instead of just 5000 SAR. Making the number itself bigger makes your discount look bigger. Better deal.

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