How do I inspect an apartment before buying?

How do I inspect an apartment before buying?


Buying an apartment is an important decision. You should do a thorough inspection of the apartment before you buy. This inspection will help you detect any defects or issues in the apartment. Thus ensuring that you get a good deal.

In this article. We’ll give you a comprehensive guide on how to inspect a residential apartment before buying.

First step: Document verification

Before you can inspect the apartment. You will need to check their documentation. These documents include:

  • Sales contract
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Construction license
  • Housing license

You should check that these documents are correct and up-to-date.

Step two: Checking the apartment from the outside

Start by examining the apartment from the outside. Pay attention to any defects or structural issues. such as cracks, splits, mold, or moisture.

Also check the condition of the ground around the apartment. The ground should be level and free of pits or bumps.

Step three: Checking the interior of the apartment

Start by examining the common area of the apartment. such as the entrance, stairs, and parking lots. Pay attention to any imperfections or issues in these areas.

Then. Proceed to examine the apartment itself. Focus on the following points:

  • Basic structure: Check the condition of the walls, ceiling, and floors. These surfaces should be flat and free of defects.
  • Electricity: Check the condition of wires, switches, and bulbs. These elements must work properly.
  • Plumbing: Check the condition of pipes, valves and plumbing fixtures. These elements must work properly.
  • Windows and doors: Check the condition of windows and doors. These elements must be intact and tightly sealed.
  • appliances: Check the condition of electrical appliances and household appliances. These elements must work properly.
  • Design: Check that the apartment’s interior design meets your needs.

Step four: Conducting technical tests

You may want to conduct technical tests of the apartment. Such as leak tests and electrical tests. These tests can help you discover any hidden issues in the apartment.

Step five: Expert consultation

If you’re not sure how to check the apartment. You can consult an expert. A building physicist or engineer can help you carefully inspect the apartment and identify any defects or issues.

Additional tips for inspecting an apartment before buying

  • Take someone you trust with you during the apartment inspection.
  • Take your time to examine the apartment carefully. Don’t feel pressured by the seller or real estate agent.
  • Ask the seller or real estate agent to make repairs or upgrades to the apartment before you buy.


Conduct a thorough inspection of the apartment before buying. You can avoid buying an apartment with defects or issues. This inspection will also help you negotiate a better price for the apartment.



Inspecting a residential apartment before buying is an important step to ensure you get a good deal. You should perform a thorough inspection of the apartment to check for any defects or issues. You can do the test yourself or consult an expert.

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